Monday, July 25, 2011

Day One

All things begin with positive first steps. So here I go again, another start at a healthy lifestyle. To do this I must focus on little positive goals, gains, and successes.

So what can I say about today. Well, my morning blood sugar was good, 7.5! It hasn't been that low in a few years.

My quote for today: I deserve a healthy life.

Goal: needing to start small, I plan on drinking my 8 glasses of water today. I know, not an earth shattering goal but one that I can start with and have a success.

Long term plan: Lose weight, exercise, have a more organic diet. Watch out for GMOs.

There you have it, a small start but a start none the less.

I guess that just to keep it on track I should post my starting number. Here it goes, close my eyes: 269lbs.